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  • People think this fish might have been responsible for sea serpent sightings.
  • Despite their fearsome appearance, Giant Squid is not dangerous to humans.
  • The beluga whale is considered to be one of the most intelligent aquatic animals on earth.
  • Nautilus — These are mollusks that are related to octopuses.
  • Atlantic Goliath Grouper — This is one of the largest members of the ocean bass family.
  • Crown-of-Thorns Starfish — A multiple-armed starfish most common in Australia, covered in venomous spines.

There are 30 species of clownfish and they live in groups called schools. This animal has a strong foot which helps it move along the ocean floor so it can find a suitable place to live and locate food more easily. It is believed that some species of catfish can live to one hundred years old. Their evolutionary history dates back over 500 million years ago. They vary greatly in appearance and structure, ranging from fish to whales.


Crown-of-Thorns Starfish — A multiple-armed starfish most common in Australia, covered in venomous spines. Chinook Salmon — By far the largest of all salmon, this salmon can grow up to forty pounds. Bull Shark — An aggressive shark that can be found in brackish waters and rivers that lead to the sea. They are responsible for most near-shore shark attacks.


Emperor Shrimp — Emperor shrimp live on other animals, cleaning them of parasites and helping them fend off predators. Dungeness Crab — A kind of crab that lives on the West Coast of North America and is very popular to eat. Crab — There are 850 different kinds of crabs, which can live in all the world’s oceans, in fresh water, and on land. Cod — A common name for many kinds of white fish, some of which are popular for eating because of their flaky texture.

Pelagic Thresher Shark — One of the smaller thresher sharks that can leap out of the water. Olive Sea Snake — A kind of poisonous sea snake found in the Indo-Pacific region. Oceanic Whitetip Shark — This is an aggressive fish, though it moves slowly.

They strain huge amounts of water through their teeth to get enough small animals to eat. Despite this, there has been some truly amazing progress in understanding the depths of our planet’s waters. This small species only reaches lengths of 5 cm with gelatinous semi-transparent body. The Sea Angel has two wing-like appendages, called parapodia, which lends itself to the creatures name. These appendages cause this creature to resemble, of not an angle, a butterfly.

Dangerous Sea Animals

Northern Red Snapper — A red-tinted fish that is very popular for commercial fishing. North Atlantic Right Whale — This is a kind of baleen whale that is one of the most endangered whale species in the world. Nautilus — These are mollusks that are related to octopuses. They live in the middle layers of the ocean and haven’t changed for millions of years. Narwhal — An arctic whale with a large tooth or tusk coming out of its head so it looks like a unicorn.