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Look for the famous Hot Boudin To-day sign out front, and once inside, do not pass up the boudin grilled cheese. You know how people are mesmerized when they enter a Buc-ee’s for the first time? Best Stop has that same appeal for hardcore carnivores. It’s here you’ll find freezers of take-home meats, including numerous sausages — chaudin, boudin — and even alligator meat. If you prefer a snappier boudin, with a crisp casing, the smoked version is your jam. The fiery pork and rice combine to make my personal favorite in all of Louisiana.

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Mary Mahoney’s cooking is so good that John Grisham has written about it in novels. Mobile is lucky enough to be right on the Gulf of Mexico, and because of that they have an ample supply of oysters. The most famous oyster joint is hands-down Wintzell’s Oyster House. It started as a meager 6-seat oyster bar in 1938, and has grown into several restaurants.

  • Established in 1909, this pier has been a Santa Monica steadfast for over 100 years.
  • You see, while I-10 has desolate stretches of highway, it also is marked with several cities with rich history.
  • The boudin and cracklins are both pretty reliable here, and if you’re traveling with a lot of people, it’s also a good rest stop.
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Try the original downtown location and order oysters whichever way you’d like, and don’t forget the cajun rice. From Jacksonville, travel 164 miles east to Florida’s capital. There you can stop at The Edison in Tallahassee’s new Cascades Park. Housed in an electric company building from 1921, this restaurant and bar offers both superb aesthetics and modern fare. This is a great place not only for a bite to eat but also to stretch your legs— Cascades Park boasts over two miles of walking trails.

It’s well worth the short trip off I-10 and up Highway 80. City Market is renowned for its ribs pizzasteen jamie oliver and specially made sauce. From Mexican to barbecue, Asian to Cajun, Interstate 10 is lined with surprises that are sure to relieve the tedium of hours behind the wheel. Click through the slideshow above for some choice stops for local nosh off Interstate 10.

Restaurants At Exit 50 On I

This is one of the bigger stops for boudin along the highway o’ meats. There are several locations, but the one in Scott is the largest and is pretty great; just look for the jester out front. These aren’t the hidden boudin and cracklin gems that you’ll get lost looking for. These are actually fairly well-known and respected spots that are easily accessible from I-10 and won’t put a huge dent in your travel time. And as many travellers know, the best way to break up a long and monotonous day’s drive is to embrace the journey, digging up small town hidden gems along the way.

Houston: Goode Barbecue Company

Commuters, truckers, roadtrippers travel this stretch by the millions. For nearly 70 years, the family owned and operated Barbecue Inn has been serving simple country fare. The milk-battered chicken-fried steak comes in two beefy slabs per plate with a fistful of fries and a generous ladle of creamy gravy. A simple green salad is appropriately served on the side. A drive down I-10 isn’t complete without a stop in New Orleans. Antoine’s not only the oldest French-Creole fine dining restaurant in New Orleans, it’s the oldest family-run restaurant in the entire United States.

The batter retains much of its texture even after a generous ladling of tasty cream gravy. Add a side of sweet and buttery corn and made-from-scratch mashed potatoes, it’s a hearty and tasty dish that feeds the tummy and the soul. Definitely plan a trip for lunch, then peruse the coolers of meats to stash in your own cooler, and don’t forget to stock up on warm boudin for later on down the highway. About three hours from Houston exists the bastion of all things Cajun roadside meat, so much so that the town of Scott even hosts the state’s lone Boudin Festival every April.

Whatever your modus operandi, here are seven spots you can’t miss along I-10. So, unless you are breaking the speed limit or you’re a superhuman, odds are that you’re going to have to take a break at some point during the drive. No one, however, wants to stop at a gas station to grab a bag of peanuts. A road trip is, after all, about embracing the journey and stumbling upon those hidden gems in the small towns along the way.

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They will blow your mind but hopefully not the seat of your pants. The Express-News and mySA.com joined with several other Texas newspapers to determine the best chicken-fried steaks in the Lone Star State. If simple small town bbq in mass quantities is your thing, this is a can’t-miss restaurant.

Beaumont: Floyd’s Cajun Seafood And Texas Steakhouse

Wysong also offers a variety of gourmet raw cat and dog food, as well as health supplements designed to help your pet live a healthy life. Head to the heart of downtown Midland for the city’s best chicken-fried steak. Wall Street Bar & Grill is a long-time Midland establishment specializing in steaks and seafood. For about $10 diners can dig into Wall Street’s lightly breaded and crispy chicken-fried steak. The meat is consistently tender and leaner than similar entrees served elsewhere.